Partner programme

Do you want to offer your customers PEPPOL services? Let us work together to set up precisely the right solution for your business.

PEPPOL-services for your customers

Partner up with

Is your company an ERP house, an e-commerce provider or an EDI service provider (VAN)? Or do you sell products where you need to be able to send and/or receive PEPPOL invoices?

If so, you have much to gain by partnering up with and establishing a close integration with our PEPPOL services – via our API, for example.

As a partner, you can provide your users with the opportunity to send and receive e-invoices. We can also handle transformations between the PEPPOL format and the format you use in-house.

You may have many different requests and preferences as regards how to make PEPPOL invoicing an integral part of your services. We will work closely with you to provide you with a solution that lives up to all your requirements – and those of your customers, too. 

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Everything is possible so let’s have a chat about what you want from a partnership.